About Us


Being the pioneer of zero-waste green future and creating values for clients at the same time.


Gianty is playing one of the significant belts in the eco-friendly catering system. Gianty takes more social responsibility for environmental protection.


Established in 2007, Gianty is mainly engaged in manufacturing and exporting of eco-friendly products for cartering clients, dedicating to make the cleaner. Gianty’s headquarter is located in Shanghai and two plants are located in Ningbo and Hunan.

Gianty is a fully integrated manufacturer with in-house design, prototype development, and product manufacture. The company has built an elite R&D team with technical experts specialize in compostable engineering, bioplastics research, and prototype development. The R&D team conducts and uses scientific research to improve existing products and develop new products to the benefit of clients. Rich industry experience and expertise help to create products tailored to meet specific market demands.


Shanghai Gianty dominates most exporting business. Ningbo Gianty mainly responsible for producing compostable disposables. Hunan Gianty plays a key role of producing reusable tableware and bamboo products. Gianty’s plants including Ningbo and Hunan branch factory are equipped with 17 production lines. More than 90% machines are operated by computer and robot. Gianty’s nationally recognized in-house mould-design team enables Gianty to customize products that meets clients’ demand. 3D printing of sample can be provided in three days and five days for final sample.


Gianty’s overseas sales team ensures an efficient and effective communication via various media and timely relays the clients' needs to other teams (i.e. R&D, production and warehouse teams). Gianty is a leading manufacturer and trader of certified eco-friendly catering tableware in China. Its products have been exported to more than 20 counties' worldwide clients.


Established in 2007, Gianty is mainly engaged in manufacturing and trading of eco-friendly products for catering clients, dedicating to making the world cleaner. Gianty’s headquarters is located in Shanghai and the plant is located in Ningbo, China.

After 12 years‘ exploration and development, Gianty has become one of the leading manufacturers and traders of compostable/biodegradable catering disposables in China, and built strong partnerships with the clients in Asia, Europe and North America. In 2016, the total revenue was more than 10 millions US dollar.

We make not only compostable products but also green solutions. Our wide range of sustainable tableware offers quality eco-friendly product at competitive price.