Eco-friendly Compostable CPLA Reusable Tableware

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The bioplastic reusable tableware is made of a compostable bioplastic. The material is called PLA and is made of cornstarch. No Plastic Ingredient and No Pesticide. This colorful cutlery set to make a lot more fun for the dinner. Lightweight and comfortable to  use, which is perfect for home camping or picnic. Dishwasher safe ,please not put in microwave.

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Switch up your disposable items for reusable ones
This switch is simple and involves making the most of what you already have. Use your plates, cups and cutlery from home when you have a party at home or go on a picnic. You don’t have to use your finest china or ceramics. Choose more cost-effective, light-weight yet hard-wearing reusable CPLA plates for picnic sets.

Waste less when you’re on the go
It’s not always easy to avoid single-use items when you’re out, but some initial planning can help. For example, keeping a re-usable container and cutlery in your bag can prepare you for last-minute takeaway lunches.

Our compostable CPLA reusable tableware is made of polylactic acids. Bioplastic simply refers to plastic made from plant or other biological material instead of petroleum. It is also often called bio-based plastic.It can either be made by extracting sugar from plants like corn and sugarcane to convert into polylactic acids (PLAs), or it can be made from polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) engineered from microorganisms. PLA plastic is commonly used in food packaging.

Polylactide (PLA), is a renewable thermoplastic and a polymer. It is ‘processed’ from the starch of plants such as corn, sugar cane and sugar beet, making it environmentally friendly and sustainable. Fermentation of the sugars from these plants produces lactic acid and after further reactions, lactide forms. After more processing and polymerisation, polylactide resin is produced. The resulting resin can be injection and blow moulded, to form disposable products including those shown below.

Polylactide is biodegradable, as it decays as a result of exposure to the ultra violet rays of sunlight and oxygen. It decomposes forming carbon dioxide and water, which present no danger to the environment.
Tech Specs

Item Eco-friendly Bamboo Fiber Baby Dinner Tableware Set
Content Plate, cup, fork, spoon
Cutlery Material PLA
Weight Plate 100g, cup 100g, fork 15g, spoon 15g

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