1. What is your fully compostable material? Is this material safe?

It is a biopolymer made from polylactic acid (PLA) that can be derived from starchy plants like corn, potatoes and sugarcane. This material is BPA free and FDA approved for food safety. A number of certifications about compostability and safety can be provided.

2. Why PLA products are sustainable?

PLA is made from plant that is annually renewable resources. PLA products can be fully composted by commercial composting facilities. However, they also can be disposed by other traditional waste management methods such as landfill.

3. Can I put your products into backyard compost?

We recommend disposing of PLA products in an industrial compost facility where they will be turned into compost and the turned to the soil. It is not recommended for use in typical backyard composting due to the lack of high temperature and consistent moisture conditions.

4. How to certify your compostable products?

Our compostable items meet the ASTM standards for compostability. They are certified to meet these standards by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) which uses scientifically based standards to determine if a product is compostable in a commercial facility. Products cannot contain the BPI logo unless they have been officially certified. So look for the words "BPI Certified" and you can be confident that your product will break down in a commercial facility.

5. Is your product suitable for restaurant use?

Yes. Our CPLA products are designed with heavy duty and high heat tolerance. For instance, our cutlery allows cutting tough foods like meat or scooping ice cream.

6. Do we accomplish anything when compostable products end up in a landfill?

Yes. The benefits of using fully renewable plant-base materials are real even if you cannot compost them by commercial facility. These benefits, compared to traditional plastic, include reduced greenhouse gas and reduced consumption of energy sources in how they manufactured.

7. Can your products be customized in relatively short time duration?

Yes. Test custom sample usually come out about 6 days. Due to we having got own mould factory, mould design and mould manufacture only takes 35 days.

8. How to take part in cooperative partnership with Gianty?

If you are interested in any products from Gianty, we are happy to provide a possible business model and supply chain solution for our producing items. For instance, our BIONEO branded with retail packs and reusable dinner set are all suitable for E-commence business.

9. Is there a fast transportation choice for European countries?

Yes. Hunan-Europe International Railway, a 10000-km-plus rail route stretching from Hunan factory to Europe. Via this new railway, it only takes about 10-12 days on average to transport containers from Hunan China to European countries, more than 20 days shorter than ocean shipping from Chinese Eastern ports.

10. Are there any chances to value or invest Gianty?

Yes. We are opened widely to get investing offers from any potential partners internationally. We are committed to attract more participants for global eco-friendly tableware industry.